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Digitise and automate compliance tasks across multiple offices, markets and business functions.

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List of KYC workspace modules

From the office to the Cloud

KYC Workspace digitises, centralises and streamlines all the steps in the AML and KYC process, moving compliance to the Cloud once and for all.

Click on each module to learn more about that specific capability or keep scrolling for a comprehensive overview.

Compliance platform

Transform your compliance department into a digital-first function, able to scale at the pace of your business and expand globally.

Team members get access to one digital workspace to collaborate remotely, review automatically sourced KYC and AML information and perform all due diligence activities from one centralised location. All steps are tracked in an immutable audit trail for maximum transparency and accountability.

Risk engine

Translate your specific risk policies into highly automated and efficient processes with our fully configurable risk engine.

Import your own risk parameters – covering multiple local regulations, jurisdictions, products, channels or internal blacklists – into the KYC Workspace. Let the system automatically assign low, medium and high risk profiles to each prospective customer. Adjust your client due diligence journeys to new risk criteria as they are introduced over time.

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Custom reports

Easily build custom KYC and client due diligence reports to prove on-going compliance and in-built controls to internal stakeholders and regulators.

KYC Workspace provides an Immutable Audit Trail. All details and review steps are automatically tracked within the relevant customer profile. Actions and events are stored in a concise, immutable record which can be easily consulted by team members and retains documentary evidence for auditors.


Set business rules to automatically assign cases across the team and accept steps when certain criteria are met, maximising efficiency and accuracy. Implement specific parameters to activate 2-eye vs 4-eye reviews depending on the risk profile of each customer.

Based on your configuration, KYC Workspace automatically triggers different internal workflows for client approval as well as periodic recertification dates to ensure seamless on-going compliance. 

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Reach-out tools

Deliver a unified customer onboarding & KYC experience perfectly aligned to your brand’s look and feel. 

Securely collect the documents you need from clients, wherever they are in the world, with our white label and fully responsive web portals. Personalise the text, branding and colour scheme of all communications from the KYC no-code configuration centre.


Replace the endless email back-and-forth with clients with a streamlined process that removes unnecessary interactions and optimises the client experience.

Design unlimited rule-based forms to collect regulatory information and additional documents at their source. Make all information available within the relevant client’s profile within KYC Workspace. Get your team involved only when the information is complete and ready to be reviewed.

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