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Combine our KYC Modules to create the solution that perfectly fits your needs.

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Transform and digitise your entire KYC and KYB process

Know Your Customer’s modular solution makes it fast, easy and safe for businesses to implement the KYC and KYB process that best fits their unique needs.

KYC workspace symbolTransform compliance into a fully digital function that leverages automation.
KYC data symbolProtect your business with unmatched registry access and the highest quality data in the industry.
KYC Review symbolBe always audit-ready with perpetual KYC refreshes and continuous AML screening.
KYC workspace symbol

KYC Workspace

Welcome to the era of digital compliance. 
Our Cloud-based solution provides teams with intelligent tools to digitise and automate their full range of activities across multiple offices, markets and business functions. From customisable workflows to bring your risk policies to life to fully reponsive reach-out tools to safely gather client information, we have everything you need to make your KYC processes as seamless as they can be.

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KYC data symbol

KYC Data

Any AML investigation is only as good as the data it relies on. This is why our system provides compliance teams with unmatched access to official incorporation documents and key shareholder information from company registries globally. Our solution also flags suspicious matches found in world-leading AML watch lists and integrates with specialised eKYC and IDV providers to offer the most secure line of defence to compliance teams.

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KYC Review symbol

KYC Review

The only way to keep customer records truly up to date is to embrace automated reviews and smart monitoring. Let our system ensure the information on file is always accurate, so you don’t have to.
With our Live Monitoring functionality, back-book services and automated KYC refreshes, being compliant at all times easily becomes the new status quo.

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