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Seamless Compliance
Modular Design

The only digital toolbox you will need to build a smarter KYC and KYB process.

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The Know Your Customer platform and API gives you access to:


Country Coverage


Local Registries


Official Company Documents

Client onboarding can be frustrating and inefficient

Corporate onboarding and KYC is a crucial part of any regulated business relationship: it’s where everything starts. And yet, so often it is a frustrating and inefficient experience that makes customers drop off and compliance teams waste time and money.

To this day, most companies struggle with manual processes, limited data sources, restricted document access and language barriers.

Embracing a better process is easier than you think

By partnering with Know Your Customer, you can quickly transform your organisation’s corporate onboarding and due diligence process from a distressing and inefficient procedure to a seamless and fast experience for everyone involved: end customers, compliance staff and, ultimately, regulators.

Three products, one modular solution

Combine our KYC Modules to create the solution that perfectly fits your needs.

KYC workspace symbol

KYC Workspace

Transform compliance into a fully digital function that leverages automation.

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KYC Data

Protect your business with unmatched real-time registry access and the highest quality data in the industry.

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KYC Review

Be compliant at all times with perpetual KYC refreshes and continuous AML screening.

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Supporting our clients, wherever they are

At Know Your Customer, we work hard to deliver exceptional customer support and anticipate our clients’ jurisdictional and regulatory needs, wherever their business growth might take them.

Award-winning solutions, loved globally

Our solutions are changing KYC compliance for the better. But don’t just take our word for it…

Regtech 100 award

The world’s most innovative RegTech companies

Regtech Insight Awards APAC

Best Data Solution for KYC & Best Cloud Solution for Regulatory Compliance

RegTech Partner of the Year


A Podcast dedicated to the world of RegTech and financial regulations with Know Your Customer’s CEO & co-founder Claus Christensen.

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